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Nylon Gipsy

Cedar Nylon Gipsy

European spruce
Nylon Gipsy
Mario Maccaferri designed his Concert Model in the thirties. His idea was to make a classical guitar for the largest concert halls. As a concert player he knew the importance of a great playing guitar. The cutaway is very helpful to reach the highest notes.
For the classical repertoire the Nylon Gipsy didnít became very popular. Why? Maybe because the traditions in the classical guitar world were not ready for his futuristic technical genius.

Stiff back construction
Mario Maccaferri also used a sound box in this instrument for sound improvement. I donít see any advantage in the sound box. In my opinion the best result for the sound reflection is a very stiff back construction. I make the back extra stiff so there is no need for a extra sound box
For the top I use European spruce or cedar. The bracing is a traditional fan concept. For  particular instruments I use  5 fan braces reinforced with a thin layer of carbon.

Ramirez meets Maccaferri
At this moment I prefer the Ramirez bracing, especially for the cedar tops. The result is a very classical sounding instrument with good balance and great playability.
I prefer a slightly raised fingerboard for a comfortable neck angel. This also improves the sound.
The Nylon Gipsy is very popular for all kind of fingerstyle, acoustic jazz and Bossa Nova



Top nut widht
Upper bout
Lower bout
Body lenght

Indian Rosewood

65,4 cm
52 mm
28,5 cm
25,0 cm
39,5 cm
45 cm

Tim Drackert playing his Nylon Gipsy

Images Nylon Gipsy

Nylon Gipsy Spruce
Soundhole with the small D shape
Cedar nylon Gipsy
Neck 52 mm at the nut. Just like  a classical guitar
Cutaway for great playability in the higher regions
Scale is 65 cm
The floting nut no slot, For perfect pitch with all strings
Perfec tbalance in these  instrumetst.
Also cedar
The neck is reinforced with carbon
Soundhole inlay is abalone
Zebra wood for the back and sides
Zebra wood, very nice colour
The heel
No pick up in this instrument
Watch the zebra wood
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar
Nylon Gipsy Owned bij Tim Drackert
Inside the box
Back braces 4 braces
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar
 Nylon string  Gipsy guitar

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