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  • Concert guitar European spruce  top
  • Concert guitar European spruce top
Concert guitar nr 156
Custom instrument with 64,5 cm scale.
Traditional bracing.

Gerrit van Bergeijk Classical guitar
Classical Spruce

Gerrit van Bergeijk Classical guitar
European spruce top

Van Bergeijk handmade classical guitar
Figured Rosewood
Gerrit van Bergeijk Classical guitar
Classical Cedar

Gerrit van Bergeijk Classical guitar

Van Bergeijk handmade classical guitar
Traditional soundboard
For the classical guitar I prefer the traditional bracing pattern: the fan bracing. This concept gives you great dynamics in combination with a great volume.

Cedar Top
I often use  the Ramirez bracing variation in my cedar model classical guitar. Ramirez used a 66,5 cm scale. The use of carbon high tension strings makes it possible to use the 65 cm scale length and still have a great volume. This does wonders for your playing style.
I love to make cedar tops with the a- symmetric Ramirez fan bracing.

Spruce top
I preferably use very old European spruce for the top. Old stable European spruce is a great choice for your classical guitar.
For the spruce top I also prefer fan bracing. I've made great classical guitars with fan bracing and while I reinforce three central braces with carbon. Talk about a traditional approach in combination with modern techniques!  This greatly enhances the traditional concept!

The neck
Some builders use a rosewood neck or even an ebony neck to give your guitar more sustain. I think that is a good option, but your guitar will be more heavy and out of balance.
I prefer a very stiff neck reinforcement with carbon. I use a sandwich construction under the fingerboard. You then have the best of both worlds!
Some players prefer a flat back of the neck, other prefer a round neck shape. Both options are possible.

The back and sides
I prefer Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. Indian rosewood is over 20 year old.
I make the back with a stiff 4 brace construction and also the sides are very stiff. These factors add to a awesome projection.
I don't use a slot in the bridge. The saddle will be a few mm high and 3 mm wide. It is possible to easily relocate the saddle to find perfect intonation: just like on a violin or a gipsy guitar. According to special wishes it is possible to build a guitar with two saddles or even six! .


Spruce classical
the floating nut
Cedartop 64,5 cm scale
The bridge brazilian rosewood
neck: 52 mm at the nut
The roset with the roses
Headstock with schaller tuners
Sides and back: Indian Rosewood
European spruce top
This is a shorter scale 63 cm
Also the body is smaller than the ususl shape
Figured Rosewood back and sides
Watch this wood Brazilian
Linings are with white maple

Bouwe Elzinga
playing the Classical Spruce

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