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Gipsy Big Sound

The great Jan Akkerman with the Bigsound
"A very nice guitar with balance, a real good one!"

The concept  Big Sound
Building many Gipsy guitars and understanding more and more the acoustic behind idea it, I decided to make an instrument with most complete sound. I think the concept of the gipsy guitar can open new sounds for many other styles.

This new instrument should be very loud with full sound and well balanced. It should be possible to play fingerstyle and even classical repertoire on it. Not identical to the classical guitar, but a steel string with the balance and dynamics that you need on a classical guitar.

All energy for the sound
With this in mind the idea Big Sound was born.
It has the same shape as a traditional gypsy guitar but with a wider sound hole at a higher location. This results in a larger active part of the top, around the bridge. A thin top with two light braces that carry the bridge and a thin light bridge of rosewood produce a unique, loud and all round guitar sound.

The loudest guitar I've ever made
Its key features are:
an extremely stiff back construction for great reflection,
a tailpiece brace to reduce all the loosing of energy,
an ebony and carbon reinforced neck
The result is awesome. A very loud, multi-functional steel string. 

Photo gallery Big-Sound

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