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Oval Gipsy

Popy Basliy Gipsy guitar
Popy Basily in his mobile home

Gipsy Guitar Selmer style
The real Gipsy sound
Gipsy Jazz in Holland
The most popular gipsy guitar is the oval sound hole guitar.  Worldwide but especially  in Holland there are many excellent Gipsy Jazz players. Think about the Rosenberg family and the Basily family and many others.

Just like Popy
This guitar in the Selmer style Iíve made for Popy Basily.. The shape is very similar to the Selmer Django Reinhardt played.

It looks simple
The whole sound system is quite simple, four or five  transfer braces with the floating bridge. My first Oval Gypsy guitars were too crispy and thin in the sound. Very loud in the mid and treble but not enough bass. There was just not enough balance. Many gipsy guitars sound that way.

The top
First of all Iíve constructed my own sound bars under the bridge. Just two braces instead of three. Very light and strong enough. This is the most important thing in the gipsy guitar.

Solid woods for back and sides
Iíve developed a very stiff construction for the sides and especially the tailpiece. No energy gets lost that way. Also the back is extremely  stiff. Solid woods, often rosewood with four braces.

The neck
I use mahogany, maple or walnut for the neck. Necks are reinforced with carbon or a truss rod.

Popy basily band

Photo gallery Oval Gipsy

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