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The art of guitar making is my great passion.  I have build a lot of custom, original design guitars.

For handcrafted selmerstyle guitars, boutique steelstrings , handmade classical guitars and much more, this will be your site.

Why invest in a handmade guitar? One of my customers, Tim Drackert from the USA,  answered:

“Factory guitars sound good,

but your handmade custom guitars sound




Model Popy Basily. Custom made Oval Gipsy for Popy Basily.

   Izak Boom playing his Model Kasha

About the model Kasha


 Romanitic guitar 

This year I was inspired by the playing of Izhar Elias , a very fine Dutch guitar player. He uses the historical Romantic Guitar. I decided to build an instrument in that style. Many thanks to Makoto Tsuruta for all his information.

This guitar is made in the style from the French luthier R.F.Lacote about 1839.



Custom made double neck acoustic,   "les tours jumelles" .  One nylon string and a steelstring in one instrument.

 Visit "les tours jumelles"


Robin Nolan called me to install a K&K pure pickup in his guitar.

Robin played on my model Vienna: "A real killer"  was his reaction. " Great sound, very loud, rich bass. An inspirations for every player"

More Vienna

 Robin Nolan playing the Killer model Vienna




Janos Koolen with my model Kasha. Janos is a very talented player from Holland playing in a several acoustic bands as Spoor, Kas Lux & Hotsch potsch etc.

Janos loves the sound of the Kasha model because it is very loud and very useful on stage in all kind of acoustic bands. This instrument is easy to use with only a microphone.





 Guitarmaker Gerrit van Bergeijk